Mission, Objectives and Purpose of the Center

The Mission of the Center named “Tirana Legal Aid Society (TLAS)” shall be: 
Fulfillment of the legal and social needs of the people in need, education and raising of the awareness of the Albanian society on the rule of law and human rights; initiatives on the improvement of the legal system, development of the community and strengthening of the democracy in Albania.

In order to achieve the mission, the Center shall have the following objectives:

  1. Provide legal aid services for specified target groups of people in need.
  2. publish information on important legal and human rights problems that have been brought to the attention of TLAS and where appropriate, lobby the Albanian government and other institutions to tackle these problems.

To achieve the above objectives, TLAS shall carry out the following, but not limited to these, activities:

  1. Offering Paralegal and Legal services through advice, counseling and representation, through Hotline services, Clinics, Mediation and Mobile services to reach vulnerable individuals in remote area with resources;
  2. Organizing Students Internship Programme, Street Law activities and publications;
  3. Monitoring activities in the legal systems;
  4. Lobbying activities for improvements in the existing legislation;
  5. Strengthening of associations of TLAS target groups;
  6. Supporting the development of the community through awareness, educational and informative activities;
  7. Run and support training activities and workshops on the improvement of the legal and social reforms;
  8. Leading, coordinating and participating projects and programmes for the fulfilment of the Center’s mission;
  9. Cooperating with local and international organizations for the achievement of the Center’s mission