a) Central and local government structures, such as, the Prime Minister’s Office, Albanian Ombudsman, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Municipalities, Communes, Social Security Institute, Health Security Institute, etc.

b) Not-for-profit organization comprising as their members TLAS target groups, such as Blood Donors Association, Work’s Invalid Association, Amaro-Drom Association, Blind Persons Association, Orphans’ Association, Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities, etc.

c) National and International Legal Aid Societies.

d) Not-For-Profit organizations operating in the field of the protection of human rights, addressing cases in line with the mission, goals and activities of TLAS.

TLAS is member of: NGO’s Albanian Coalition Against Corruption; Albanian Network of Legal Aid Societies;

Most important partners of TLAS are:

  • Albanian Center of Human Rights;
  • Albanian Helsinki Committee;
  • Albanian Foundation for Reconciliation and Mediation;
  • Coalition “All Together Against Trafficking” (ATAT);
  • Albanian Coalition against Corruption (ACAC);
  • Advanced Center of Legal Studies;
  • Albanian Center of Individuals with Disabilities;
  • Save the Children;
  • Center for Legal and Citizens Initiatives;